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Disney: Fantasia - Deluxe Classic Mickey 1:9 Scale Figure

Beast Kingdom



Beast Kingdom, The Entertainment Experience Brand proudly introduces the latest DAH (Dynamic 8action Heroes) BKDAH041 Disney: Fantasia - Classic Mickey and the BKDAH041DX Disney: Fantasia - Deluxe Classic Mickey, two highly articulable figures based on the animated magician with a heart. Mickey is seen wearing the classic magician robe, which uses real fabrics. The 18 points of articulation mixed with a number of accessories, including replicable hands, faces and eyes, as well as a hard hat, gives the set a complete take on the wondrous character.

'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' released in 1940, is a magical movie, which perfectly combines a dreamy musical score based on the classical 'L'Apprenti Sorcier', with hand drawn animation. Disney's short classic is still revered today as one of the seminal animated features ever in movie history. A wonderous experience that still resonates with the old and young to this day, which follows the story of Mickey Mouse himself as an aspiring magician, striving for perfection.

Special features:
- Fully articulable body, with eighteen (18) point of articulation
- Two (2) replaceable face sculpts (happy, smiling)
- Two (2) replaceable eyes (front facing, facing up)
- Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands (fist, open, indicating)
- One magical hat
- Real fabric used in the Wizard Robe
- One Waves and Magical Column Scene
- One Magical Broom


300 gram

Product Dimensions:

10cm x 15cm x 0cm   (LxWxH )

Disney: Fantasia - Deluxe Classic Mickey 1:9 Scale Figure

195,00 €Prijs
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