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Disney: Dumbo - Master Craft Dumbo Statue

Beast Kingdom



Dumbo, the heartwarming and inspirational story of a circus elephant with oversized ears was Disney's fourth animated feature. Initially teased, Dumbo finds his wings and soars high into the sky and above adversity!

The Entertainment Experience Brand, Beast Kingdom proudly presents the latest high-end collectors statue under the Master Craft series: BKMC028 Dumbo. A figure that will definitely fly straight into the hearts of collectors far and wide!

The Master Craft Dumbo continues the tradition of highly detailed, hand-painted statues that recreate the magic and wonder of Disney's animated films. Sitting atop a circus platform Dumbo is curiously staring at an intricately recreated feather given to him by Jim Crow from the movie. A dedicated plaque on the base, and exquisitely detailed design gives collectors the perfect ornamental piece for any location.
So make sure you give this lovable guy a home today, and proudly showcase the very best from the Master Craft series.


6000 gram

Product Dimensions:

28cm x 38cm x 0cm   (LxWxH )

Package Dimensions:

45cm x 31cm x 56cm   (LxWxH )

Disney: Dumbo - Master Craft Dumbo Statue

250,00 €Prijs
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